What is this all about? July 13, 2024

Troll Face

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WasArrested.com, started in 2001 and has been punking people for over ten years now.

All you need to do is send your friend to a URL like this <firstname>.<lastname>.wasarrested.com. When they visit the URL a fake article will be custom generated for them!

Send it to your friends, coworkers, classmates or post it on Facebook! Just don't get mad at us if you get in trouble. use it responsibly (or don't I don't give a shit).

Disclaimer: The contents of this page are fictional and are meant for entertainment purposes only. The creators of this site assume no liability for how this site is used. These pages are generated on the fly and are never stored.

Where Did This Story Come From?

The text on this site is Dynamically Generated.

The article is generated dynamically (at the instant of the request) based on the url being requested. The text for the article is pulled from the URL at request time (kind of like Mad Libs). That means you generated the article.

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